Northeast Motorhome Association

Code of Ethics

All Officers (i.e., members of the Executive Board) of the Northeast Motorhome Association shall abide by the following Code of Ethical Conduct:

  1. All Northeast Area Officers accept the fact that the best interest of the Area must come ahead of their personal interests, and ahead of the concerns of their individual Chapters.
  2.  FMCA Policy and Procedure #3000, Item #2, states: “Each chapter shall be a member of, and shall be equally represented in a designated area association". Accordingly, Area Officers shall avoid any appearance of attempting to elevate any given chapter(s) above the others. Area Officers pledge to treat each Chapter, and each member, equally.
  3. Area Officers shall not seek favoritism for their individual chapter and/or members, and they shall not seek “perks" for themselves as officers. To engage in either of these activities denies the very essence of volunteerism.
  4. FMCA Policy and Procedure #3000, Item #3, states: “An area association shall elect officers to assist the Area Association President." Accordingly, Area Officers pledge to act positively, constructively, and cooperatively in support of the efforts of the Area Association President. Furthermore, because the Area Association President alone is empowered to speak for the entire Area, Area Officers shall circulate beyond the confines of their own chapter any document concerning the Area, its officers or members, without first having submitted such document in its entirety to the Area Association President for his/her review.
  5. Under no circumstances shall any Area Officer, by either written or verbal means, publicly criticize, denounce, or condemn the actions of FMCA, its National Officers or its Area Officers. The use of derisive, derogatory, or demeaning language serves only to divide, rather than to build up our area, and is unworthy of the professionalism and irreproachable conduct expected of Area Officers.
  6. If any officer, in the judgement of the majority of the Board, fails to abide by the items outlined above, that officer shall be deemed to be in violation of the above Code of Ethical Conduct, and shall be subject to disciplinary action. Such action may include a vote of confidence, a request for resignation, and/or referral to the Review Board.