Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: November 17, 2019

Date: November 17, 2019
Time: 7:00pm
Conference Call:
John called the meeting to order at 7:06pm
Secretary announces she is recording the meeting and asks if there are any objections, hearing no objections she continues with roll call
Present: John Traphagen, Lou Snow, Charlie Lawrence, Charlotte Burrell, Patty Pritchard, Maureen Pellitier, Anne Archambault, Barbara Smith, and Connie Poole (Parliamentarian)
Absent: John Poppe
Secretary Report:
Anne asks if everyone received the minutes of November 3, 2019.
All respond yes. Anne asks if there are any questions or corrections, no corrections or questions, John asks if there is a motion to accept the minutes of Nov. 3.
Charlotte made a motion to accept the secretary report of Nov. 3, 2019 Charlie 2nd , there was no further discussion and John asked for a vote. Minutes passed unanimously.
Anne asked about contacting Susquenango chapter to let them know we are working on getting the financial information posted on the web site and will answer any questions they may have after reviewing the financials for themselves
Anne read a request form the Bussin Buddies Chapter to have an independent audit of the treasurer’s books for the 2 years prior the John Traphagen taking office.
It was decided to get a note out to both Chapters and let them know we received their request and we are considering the request.
Treasurer’s Report:
Maureen reported there have been no changes since our last meeting, however she does anticipate changes for the next meeting, Ex Maureen has the address for the VFW and will be sending a donation for $50.00 for their participating at the Syracuse Rally. There will also be more checks written for former Officers as stated below.
Maureen reported she has received a request from John T. to reimburse for former officers that voted to be reimbursed for their participation in the Annual Meeting held in Bainbridge Sept. 2018. The board at that time voted to reimburse the officers on 7-22-18 and the vote appears in the minutes of that date. John stated this was not open for this board to discuss. However other board members remember a discussion where it was decided not to reimburse the previous board. Anne stated she did not have any minutes where the board voted to reverse the decision of 7-22-18. She asked Barbara what date that decision was made; Barbara stated she had it in her notes but would have to get back to this board with that information.
Connie read the minutes of the July 22, 2018 notes where the board voted to reimburse the members for the expenses of the Bainbridge, NY Rally.
Maureen stated she had a conflict of teleconference vs going to the rally. John stated this was supposed to be the Northeast Area annual meeting via conference call. Barbara stated the Annual meeting was cancelled for Bainbridge because the Audit results needed to be set up before the annual meeting per the Bylaws.
Connie’s concern is that members spent money to go to the Bainbridge rally and it was approved on the July 22, 2018 meeting.
Charlie has a concern that John directed Maureen to make the reimbursements without the approval of this board.
Charlotte asked how much money was involved, Maureen stated she did not have those figures as she does not have good internet service and will have to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday.
Someone asked how many board members of the Susquenango Chapter were going to the rally anyway; Lou stated not all members of the board are members of that chapter.
Charlotte asked again if any dollar amount could be guessed. Maureen guessed around $1000.00 and John thought it was more like $1200.00. Four members requested reimbursement they included: Donna Merino, Tom Ziobrowski Lou Snow and John Traphagen. John questioned why it was not sent out by the previous board. He stated on October 24th 2018 Barbara sent out an email to certain members stating she would get back to them. Donna and Tom received an email August 16, 2019 that the board did not approve the reimbursement.
Patty asked why it wasn’t sent out from the previous board, Barbara explained the President has to approve the expenses and didn’t send it to the previous Treasurer, and Maureen looked back and stated there was no treasurer at that time. Maureen said she notes the books were returned to National on August 29, 2018 and Barbara opened an account in September 2018.
Barbara stated and read that Article 4 paragraph 5 of the Bylaws all board members will serve without compensation, and at the time there was no board and no treasurer.
Charlie is concerned that this president is acting without approval of this board. Lou stated the members just want to be reimbursed and it was not the intent to create this situation.
Charlie wants the courtesy of informing the board before action is taken.
Maureen stated that any President’s expenses must be approved by 2 Vice Presidents before any check is sent out; John is now the presiding President so his check will have to be approved by 2 Vice Presidents. John requested that since Lou is the Senior Vice President it would be right to have 2 Vice Presidents approve his expense also as he was Sr. VP at the time of the Bainbridge Meeting Patty stated she would review the request if the request were sent to the Vice Presidents. Maureen requested that John send his and Lou’s request to each of the Vice Presidents for approval.
Old Business:
Web Site, John spoke to Jason and he is looking for more information such as newsletters, By Laws and Standing Rules. John stated he sent out an email to the board but a number of members stated they did not receive it. Maureen suggested we send out a financial report for all to read and that may satisfy the concerns of some of the members. It was suggested a complete financial report be published along with the financial report in the minutes of each meeting.
Charlotte requested clarification of the order which information be directed to the web site. John confirmed that all articles should go to the Northeast Secretary then onto the Web Master where he will publish it on the Web Site.
John announced the By Law Committee has been working on the By Laws. Charlie asked if they were working on the 1 time Standing Rules change we will need to get back into compliance of our Standing Rules to get elections back to the normal after this year’s special election.
John asked Barbara if she has heard anything from Colton RV for the donation after selling coaches at the rally. John asked what the contract said. Barbara explained there was no contract but a Dealer letter stating there would be no charge to display the coaches but if any were sold a donation of $100.00 would be made if they sold a coach. Barbara stated she had tried to contact them and would try again.
John stated a Chapter still had not paid for the ad in the program book for the Syracuse Rally. Barbara stated she had spoken to the treasurer and she had the invoice and would be sending the check along.
NEA Rally 2020 Sites:
John reported he and Lou spoke to Jamie and Jeff at Essex Junction VT for a rally, they stated they would send information for a rally July 14 to the 19th. John will let the board know when he gets the information.
Ira Miller will be sending information for the 2020 rally after talking to Sussex NJ fairgrounds. We will need generators for electricity at $500.00 per day for 3 generators. John explained the fairgrounds is a Not for Profit organization vs a Non Profit Organization. More information will be coming.
John said he will be checking with INDO for a possible place.
International Rally 2020:
Sites that are being considered are: Lincoln Nebraska, Tulsa Oklahoma, Hutchinson Kansas, Sedalia Missouri, and Gillette Wyoming.
The committee is looking at the end of August to the end of Sept. for 14 days.

New Business:
When the web site is up and running we will post the financial report as well as the minutes.
Anne has been asked to contact the Susquenango Chapter and the Bussin Buddies Chapter with a letter acknowledging their letters and concerns.
John told Patty he would get her a contact person (National Director) from Susquenango.
John said the By Laws Committee will be having a conference call meeting November 20, 2019. He stressed that all changes must be in the hands of the National Directors for a vote at the annual meeting no later than June 1, 2020. Connie explained that the committee has to submit the changes 120 days prior to the meeting to the NEA Board for suggestions and then to the National Directors 60 days prior to the vote.
John explained that he would get as much information to the Board as soon as he gets it and if we need to we will have a mid week meeting otherwise the next scheduled meeting will be December 8, 2019.
Lou made a motion to adjourn at 8:29pm Charlotte 2nd all approved
Respectfully submitted
Anne Archambault, Northeast Area Secretary Approved 12/8/2019
Sent to Web Master (Jason @FMCA) 12/10/2019

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