Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: May 25, 2019

Northeast Area Minutes Date: May 26, 2019 Time: 7:00pm Conference call

Barbara called the meeting to order at 7pm

Anne asked if there were any objections to recording the meeting, no objections were heard.

Roll Call by Anne

Barbara Smith, Lou Snow, Charlotte Burrell, Charlie Lawrence, Patty Pritchard, Maureen Pelletier, John Poppe, Anne Archambault

Absent: Tom Ziobrowski

Invited Guest: Connie Poole


Old Business
Secretary Report
Treasurer Report
Standing Rules
New Business:
Rally update
Behind the scenes
Rally Planning Meeting
Board arrival Thursday May 30 after 2pm

Secretary Report

Anne reported that there is no report due to traveling for 5 days but will have this report as well as the last weeks report for review via email and approval at the meeting in NY.

Treasurer Report

Maureen updated the budget with line items for mileage for the Site visit and Chapter visits went explaining new line items, some questions were asked. Lou stated we may be able to get sponsorship from vendors to help with some of the expenses. Based on 200 attendees. Maureen explained that Barbara Smith’s expenses for the site visit would be paid for by FMCA but not for the rally. Maureen has made a deposit paid by 2 vendors. Charlie asked how much would be given to the chapters that participated in the Block Party, Barbara stated it would be $50.00.

Standing Rules

Connie asked if anyone had any questions or issues, hearing no comments she said we would go over the standing rules carefully to be available at the NY meeting for approval.


Barbara asked if everyone has submitted their bio’s for the newsletter, Maureen and Lou said no but would get them to Barbara soon. Barbara stated she would like to send it out on Tuesday. Included in the newsletter will be cost for Chapter ads for the program and the current working financial statement. Charlie stated it should be sent to the Chapter Presidents so they can send it to their membership. Barbara stated she will be sending it to the Presidents and the Chapter boards for distribution to the chapter members. Barbara also mentioned she will need pictures of the board members for the program, also discussed FMCA Plates for the new board members. Barbara stated so far there are 139 signed up for the rally. Some chapter that have signed up for volunteers: Finger Lakes and Niagra Frontier Travelers will be in charge of seminars Fun and Games by New York Centrals Registration and Information, Yankee Travelers Still need captains for: 50/50 Tickets Ladies Social Manage Caravans as they come in

Rally Planning Meeting

Barbara asked if it would be good to arrive in Syracuse on Thursday before 2pm. There were no objections. The fairgrounds wants everyone before 10pm. Cost is $30.00 per night Board members will go in on Thursday to finalize some planning before the Captains come in on Friday There are 7 Board members and 5 Captains expected.

Barbara stated she did ask if Crafters and speakers can participate even thought they are not FMCA members.

Barbara stated the contract has one minor simple addendum, Re: how we will resolve a dispute in case we disagree on something. The contract has not been signed yet but Barbara expects it will be ready for signature very soon. Barbara stated she would send out the Topic areas to discuss this weekend. Those to include: The Welcome Letter, Volunteer arrival for the rally, Toy Collection Vendor Letters to the Dealers ,Bylaws and Standing Rules and General Policy.

Lou asked about the status of sponsorships, he made a suggestion to make a banner for the front of the stage with all the names of the sponsors.

Behind the Scenes

Barbara asked Lou to explain some things to look for, Lou said it is important to know where everything is going. General oversight. Tables and Chairs, Vendors and Dealers. FMCA store sends merchandising early, where should it be stored.

Lou reports he has tried to contact the local Red Cross numerous times with no response from them, he will continue to try to contact them, he suggested they use the International Building as they will need access to restrooms. It was suggested they might have a self contained Bus.

Barbara said there will be a welcome letter in the program as well as a number of other information such as display coaches, parking information, Volunteer parking, craft classes, Wal-Mart location, Maureen asked if Mail would be delivered to the fairground or does it have to be forwarded to the local post office.

Contract package: Lou suggested that some vendors may want to rent golf carts and we should give them the information when sending out the contracts so they will have it before coming.

John Poppe will speak to the Fire Dept. when we are in NY for the Site visit.
Patty states she has 3 vendors that have signed a contract

Barbara suggested the board get together for one meal.

There will be the Board and 5 captains this weekend in Syracuse and we may need a parking crew.

Anne asked about directions to the fairgrounds. It was thought that taking exit 39 to 690 to the fairgrounds was the easiest. Barbara said she would check with the fairgrounds.

Barbara gave a list of documents:

Copy of job descriptions
2017 show book
Seminars National Directors
Organization Chart
Diagram of fairgrounds map
Vendor Contracts
Standing Rules & Bylaws
Minutes for approval
Cones and Safety

Adjourned Meeting 7:50pm

Anne Archambault
NEA Executive Board

Approved 06/06/2019 – – Posted on 08/25/2019

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