Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: May 20, 2018

5/20/18 – 7:01 pm


  • T Ziobrowski
  • D Merlino
  • D Osterhout
  • J Traphagen
  • L Snow
  • J Sennett
  • H Soulia

Due to the absence of B Smith, President, L Snow, Sr. VP called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

D Merlino, Secretary announced that the meeting was being recorded and asked for any objections, no objections were heard.

D Merlino gave roll call, 7 Board Members in attendance; B Smith was unable to attend

One update: Make a correction to the rally report – $3,400 refunds changed to $5,400; Jim sent a corrected copy to the Secretary. J. Traphagen made a motion to approve secretary minutes of 5/6; Don 2nd; no discussion needed; motion carried.

Jim Sennett gave a Treasurers report; (see recording); account has been closed, and reopened in another Bank (Citizens Bank). Jim suggests we have only 2 signatories on the new account. Jim will keep us updated as to the process of adding a signatory. Tom made a motion to make Donna as a signatory; Don 2nd; motion carried

Motion was made by Jim Sennett that we have at least 2 board members approve any expenditure; Moving forward, based on the checking account balance, all expenditures must be approved by at least 2 board members and the Treasurer before a check is cut. If something comes up that those 3 can’t agree on it goes before the board as a whole. Harley – 2nd; discussion – motion carried

New Business: home office needs a date for when our Annual Meeting is to be scheduled within the next 90 days. Per Jon Walker it will not be done during an International Convention. The board agreed to have a letter sent to home office

Renewal of our web page: John T. made a motion to renew the web page; Lou Snow – 2nd; discussion; motion carried 5 years is the best deal – approx. $180.00;

John T. made a motion to adjourn; Don 2nd; meeting adjourned

Donna Merlino
NEA Executive Board

Approved 05/20/2018 – – Posted on 06/25/2018

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