Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: May 18, 2019

Date: May 19,2019 Time: 7:00: Conference Call

Barbara calls meeting to order, and asked everyone to announce themselves and wait to be called on.

Anne announces she is recording the meeting and asks for any objections

Anne calls roll call:

Barbara Smith, Maureen Pelletier, Charlie Lawrence, Patricia Pritchard, John Poppe, Charlotte Burrell, Anne Archambault.
Absent: Lou Snow, Tom Ziobrowski
Invited Guest: Connie Poole


Secretary Report
Treasurer Report
Ethical Code of Conduct, how it was constructed
Standing Rules
New Business:
Rally Update

Secretary Report

Anne explained she has not been able to set up a time to go over minutes with Barbara but that Barbara Smith has all the minutes of the meetings we have had for review. Anne suggested she send out the minutes to everyone for review and be prepared to approve all minutes at the meeting in Syracuse during the site visit on June 1 or 2. Charlie asked for all minutes that were sent out after comments be Date stamped Charlotte stated minutes need more clarification to understand them easier.

Treasurer’s Report:

Maureen asked if everyone had a chance to review the budget she prepared for the last meeting. She asked if anyone had any questions. She also asked if she had left out any line item or dollar amt. Charlie said he had no problems, others expressed the same.

Ethical Code of Conduct:

Barbara explained she contacted Bob Mills, who helped draft the Code. Barbara sent the members of the board his reply. No further discussion was needed. Email from Bob Mills will be attached to this report.

Standing Rules:

Connie thanked everyone for their input, she explained this was still a rough draft so if anyone had other suggestions she would like them sent to her so she could have it ready for board review at the Syracuse site visit to be sent to National very soon. Charlie said they looked good, Connie again asked that everyone review them carefully and get back to her with any concerns.

Maureen refereed to page 3 #14 Board of Directors , NEA Code of Conduct Maureen asked for clarification between Board of Directors and the Executive Board, What is the difference? #17 the last sentence majority of Executive Board Anne asked what designates a quorum for the Executive board, it was determined to be 51% of voting member.

There was a discussion on the time line for the budget, referring to Item 20 under the Standing Rules for the budget it is suppose to be available 30 days prior to voting on it and it is the responsibility of the Treasurer. Charlie suggested we put it on the agenda to be done in Syracuse including the Audit Committee and the Nominating Committee. Maureen stated she has sent to members of the Executive Board a preliminary budget.


Barbara said it is going out soon, it will include information on the costs for the ads in the program, it will include the bios that were sent to Barbara to introduce ourselves to the Northeast Area members. Also including billing for Chapters cost for ads, requests for door prizes, and an explanation of the 3 elections and results.

Charlotte expressed concern for the web site, Barbara said it was still under construction and Ed is working on getting it just the right way instead of piece meal. Leo Ouellette is the web master. Charlie suggested getting the newsletter to the captains and let them distribute to their members.

Rally Update:

Contract draft has been sent to lawyers but has not been released to Barbara yet, however she did say there have been no changes. As soon as she gets it she will inform the board.

Program cover:

Did everyone see the cover change with the boat, RV’s and Erie Canal on it and how did everyone feel about it , Charlie stated he did not receive a copy of it, Barbara stated she would send it to him after this meeting. Roll call was taken for approval, all other present members approved. Barbara asked Anne to get in touch with Lou Snow and Tom Ziobrowski for their opinion. Anne questioned the cost of the addition, Barbara said that is the hourly cost for the Artist.


Still looking for local entertainment and other suggestions for entertainment Saturday night.

Wednesday night is considered for the volunteer dinner.

Thursday night opening ceremonies We have entertainment for Thursday night.

Friday night Block Party

Saturday night Open

Other discussion about different forms of entertainment, such as a comedian, 50’s and 60’s music, if anyone has other ideas please let Barbara know.

Golf Carts, Charlotte reports that two companies have shown interest however they will need to know how many 2,4,6 passenger carts are needed and the dates. Discussion on how many needed it was decided that no 2 person carts needed approx 20 would be needed and most should be 4 person carts maybe 8 for officers (National officers may need some) 20 four person, and 5 six person would be best. Charlie suggested 3 working carts would be needed. Barbara stated she would contact the captain for transportation for advice. Patty said she had 2 vendors want contracts for the rally.

Blue Water Hospitality, they are a buy in resort, they want to talk to chapters about doing rallies at their facilities.

There is a cosmetic company also interested

Essential Oils would like to do a seminar

Travel Resorts of America is also interested

Briter Batteries also looking to do a booth and outdoor display

Colton RV to bring in RV’s they are also interested in taking an ad in the program, they are also considering donating door prizes.

Charlie also suggested getting in touch with Prevost and Newell

Barbara stated that Lou has contacted the Red Cross and is waiting to hear more from them.

Ice Cream social waiting to hear if the Green Mountain Chapter will take care of that.

Planning Meeting:

Barbara has 4 important documents to discuss
Discussion on the organization of seminars
Chapter Fair, Barbara asked Anne to take responsibility
Crafts, need a captain
Goody Bags needs a captain
Greeters captain needed
Trams Allo Quebec
Volunteer Dinner Jeff Lampier
Barbara asked which captains should be invited to the Syracuse Site visit on May 31 to June 2 Charlie suggested a Call Tree to the Captains for a visit to Syracuse
Security, yes
Trams, Yes
Safety, Yes
Red Cross, No
Coffee and Donuts, No
Crafts, No
Newsletter, No
Door Prizes, No
Program Book, Yes
FMCA Store, No
Signs, Yes
Golf Carts, No
Information, No
Ladies Social, No
Fire Dept, Yes
Master of Ceremony, Jack Mayberry
Maestros, No
Radios, No
Will Call, No
Youth Program, No
Charlie suggested we get a list of agenda for the Site visit in Syracuse.
Some concerns:
Tables & Chairs

Discussion on the Hotel cost for 5 rooms for the performers Charlie suggested to go over by $1000.00 should be ok. We have an Entertainment Host willing to provide a meal for opening night entertainment if we need him. Barbara to investigate the cost of hotel rooms and follow up with an interested performer’s agent. Maureen asked if you need to be an FMCA member to teach classes like painting lady, Barbara said she will check with FMCA Vendors need their own insurance .

Question if there is a charge for crafters, no because the crafter charges and therefore they do get paid. Barbara will check with FMCA to see if they need to sign a waiver of liability for crafters.

Barbara states for the next meeting: List of Captains, she will get information to Lou, she will call about contracts and risks and insurance.

Next meeting May 26 at 7 pm, same phone number.

Meeting Adjourned 8:10pm

Anne Archambault
NEA Executive Board

Approved 05/18/2019 – – Posted on 08/25/2019

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