Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: May 13, 2019

Northeast Area Minutes Date: May 13,2019 Conference Call 515-606-5845 Ext 907272# Time 7:05 Barbara Smith called the meeting to order

Anne asked for permission to record the meeting, no objections voiced

Roll Call:

Barbara Smith, Lou Snow, Charlotte Hawkins Burrell, Charlie Lawrence, John Poppe, Patricia Pritchard, Anne Archambault, Maureen Pelletier, Tom Ziobrowski Invited Guest: Connie Poole


Minutes Discussion
Standing Rules Discussion/ Comments
Rally Updates – Contracts, etc
Area Rally Planning Meeting


Barbara states she has an additional phone number 513-319-0198

Barbara also states the election for Area Vice President/ President was a tie and there will be another election soon.

Secretary Report:

Anne went over the minutes of the April 26, 2019 meeting with some corrections that were sent to her by Maureen. Barbara stated she wanted to go over one area with Anne via phone call. No action was taken to approve the minutes at this time. Charlie stated it has taken a long time to go over them and would like to have others go over the other minutes and send Anne any corrections via email so we can get on with the important issues re: the standing rules with Connie. No motion was made but everyone agreed. Barbara will contact Anne about concerns.

President Report:

Barbara stated she was getting the newsletter ready over the next few days and would like a paragraph from each member to introduce themselves to the FMCA members. Please get them to her soon.

Barbara would also like to know which Northeast Chapter each of us is going to visit this summer.

Standing Rules:

After several minutes of general discussion Charlie suggested the changes and comments that other members have be sent to Connie Poole for review and clarification so she can stream line them and send them out to members. Please get any comments to Connie soon, as she would like to get them out to us before the weekend. Charlie stated We, the committee are trying to address all the concerns that National wants addressed. A Bylaw’s committee was not elected as we are trying to set rules for the Northeast Area that will satisfy National’s suggestions to move forward.

Rally Information:

As of the past Friday 104 coaches are registered for the rally.

The Contract for the venue is with insurance and attorneys for FMCA. We are not expecting any changes as the New York State has in the contract No Changes will be made. Barbara stated she is concerned with Safety issues and asked John to make sure all safety issues are addressed, Example: Parking for overflow across the street as golf carts cannot cross a public road.

Barbara stated she would like to take a Tag Team Approach. She asked Lou if he would do the Blood Drive, he agreed. Charlotte was asked if she would manage the volunteer at large list, she agreed. Barbara asked Lou if Charlotte was not available all the time would he be in charge of the list and he agreed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Rally Budget:

Maureen reviewed the budget for the rally; she explained she used what she had from the 2017 rally of 300+ coaches, budget to determine the 2019 budget, using 200 coaches. Maureen asked for comments and feedback from the board. Barbara stated the budget for golf carts was scaled back and can be increased depending on the rally reservations, the same goes for entertainment.

Other discussion re: the rally

Vendor bucks
Food vendors, the Fairground concessions will be open for business as well as some food trucks.

Lou spoke about the volunteer dinner and it needs to manage the volunteer list as last time there seemed to be more volunteers at the dinner than was on the list. That is why the food vendor ran out of food and supplies. It was suggested that the volunteer captain be in charge of how many attend the dinner.

Barbara stated she would send everyone the information she receives about food vendors to the members of the board as soon as she receives that information. Further discussion was on suggestions for other food vendor for the volunteer dinner, please keep the budget in mind when looking for a vendor.

Lou asked about vendors for the golf carts and the cost, at this time Barbara is checking into all vendors for the golf carts.

Discussion on the cost for Military color guard, John said he didn’t think we have paid in the past, just allowed them to have a booth at no cost. John and Lou also said in the past we have used FMCA members who served in the military and local EMS, Firefighters and Police to wear their uniforms to present the colors. John also stated in the past we have allowed organizations such as Mountain Medical, VFW, Lions Club have a booth at no charge.

Discussion on Day Gate income, Tom said he doesn’t remember getting any at the last rally.

Barbara stated she received a proposal for entertainment from the Coasters, cost would be $4000.00 with one night of hotel stay for 5. We could save reduce dinner money by providing them with a home cooked meal we prepare prior to their performance. Barbara will write up the proposal and send to each board member for approval.

We are still looking into local talent for other performances.

Radio’s, Eastern area will loan us 30 of theirs but we must provide the batteries. Unable to understand who will also loan us rearview mirrors for the golf carts.

Lou asked if the contract is just for the building Barbara will disclose everything when the contract is released and signed.

Discussion: also on stage set up, the audio for everything except seminars. Those will have to be provided by the person giving the seminar.

Indoor vendors will need electricity and that is provided from the floor, a small pedicel will come up from the floor to under their booths.

Some indoor vendors include Fantasy Tours and they will do a seminar

Brider Battery will have a table and do a seminar, Brider is a new benefit vendor and is excited to be associated with FMCA

Charlie asked about ads for the program, Barbara states they will be available on google docs.
National Officers will be attending the rally:

Jon Walker will present the President’s Forum
Jack Mayberry will discuss Member benefits
Gay Young round table discussion
J R also a round table discussion as well as FMCA University
John White and Barbara Smith to meet with First Timers

Charlotte asked bout arriving at the fair grounds for the site visit Barbara stated we should arrive around 2pm on Friday May 31.
Maureen asked about what gate to arrive at and Barbara stated she would find an get back to us. Possibly, gate 6.

Tom and Lou discussed compensating people for the visit, they did not reimburse for mileage in the past. No decision was made. It was asked if there would be free sites and should we pay out for mileage for a site visit, in the past NEA has absorbed some of the costs of the camping fees. In the past some mileage was paid for Site visit but not for planning visit.

Charlie asked about the Executive meeting where it was discussed that the Executive Director and Chief Financial officer being the same person. Barbara stated that has been discussed by the AVP’s, She will update when she can. The notes from that meeting are on line for anyone that would like to read them.

Barbara stated the next meeting will be next Sunday May 19,2019 at 7pm with the same number.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Anne Archambault
NEA Executive Board

Approved 05/13/2019 – – Posted on 08/25/2019

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