Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: May 05, 2019

Date: May 5, 2019 Time: 7:01pm Conference Call

Barbara called the meeting to order at 7:01pm

Secretary called the roll:

Those in attendance

  • Barbara Smith
  • Lou Snow
  • Maureen Pelletier
  • Charlie Lawrence
  • Patricia Pritchard
  • John Poppe
  • Charlotte Burrell
  • Tom Ziobrowski
  • Anne Archambault

Barbara presented the agenda

Standing Rules prepared by Connie Poole
Rally update
National items

Anne Asked if there were any objections to recording the meeting no objections were noted. Anne gave an update on the previous minutes; stated members should receive a copy of the minutes in a couple of days.

She also had a question on the form for National office, Barbara stated she would contact Dianna Mitts for the answer and get back to Anne.

Beginning balance $60,094 in the checking account
Maureen will meet with Barbara this week to transfer her name to the account at Bank of America. The bank indicated that any other signature has to be a member of the board. Barbara indicated she has asked Charlotte to be a second signature on the account, and she has agreed. Discussion on having a 2 signatures on checks is not a good idea, having a second signature on the account incase the treasurer is unable to sign is a good idea.

Standing Rules

Connie Poole was unable to attend this meeting but sent a draft for review.

Barbara said all the suggestions are a result of a National Meeting held last year and is available to this board, Barbara can get copies.
#4 there is one debit card that is active but has not been used, Barbara has that card. Barbara will ask for a second credit card when she meets with the bank.
#5 reimbursements, Area travel, we stick to the same rules as National in regards to time line, receipts and mileage
#6 Maureen reviewed them and Charlie Lawrence will send suggestions to everyone when meeting is over.

Barbara asked that we table the complete list until Connie can join us for further discussion.

Rally Update

Barbara stated she verified that all dealers at the rally must be New York registered dealers.

Discussion on seminars:

Geeks on Tour, RV techs to do seminars

Pin ordering:

Tom has an alternative source and will share with Barbara
Discussion of the logo and design for the pins,
FMCA logo
Bus logo

Barbara will get feedback from the office in Cincinnati and report back

Parking Materials:

Barbara reported she had a U-Line Catalog for ordering safety gear for the rally such as Cones, vests and other materials, should the northeast purchase them, we would have to store them when not in use. With the boards approval Barbara will check with George Schremp and Bill Mallory from the Eastern Area to see if we can borrow theirs instead of purchasing. Charlie asked if the fairgrounds had pile-ons. Barbara will check
Appealing to Broader audience:

A local Casino was in contact with Maureen and said they would provide transportation for free and come to the fair grounds and pick up people and return them.
Serious concern for the vendors, if people leave the grounds, they are not using the vendors and participating in the rally festivities and vendors will be angry.
It was suggested to have that option on a day before the vendors open and not interfere with the rally.

Patty stated:

Costco is providing $4000.00 worth of water for the volunteers
Maestros will be allowed to stay in Costco’s parking lot the night before entering the fairgrounds

Patty spoke to John Burdick he is taking and ad in the show magazine to show RV’s
There is a dealer taking out a full page ad
Barbara stated there has been no change in the entertainment. Patty said she had information on local entertainment and Barbara asked her to look into it and report back.

Discussion on when officers going into the fairgrounds as early as Sunday
Barbara met with George Schremp and parking was discussed.
There is a holding area; Barbara will send a map to board members when she can.

National Items:

Barbara is in Cincinnati now and will be attending meetings


Several national wide chapters are holding at only 15 members, so there may be consideration to lower the membership to 12.
National approached Barbara to tell her they may be sending 2 members from National to sell memberships at the rally for free.
Barbara is concerned there is no item in our budget to pay for things like lodging and food for those coming so Barbara will be checking with the National office to make sure all is taken care of by them.
Area financial support for all areas may be going away, $1000.00.

Alternatives to the store, National is selling off old inventory and there is a new vendor this summer.

Lou asked if National is going to have the rally in Syracuse for the summer of 2020, discussion of contracts and Tom’s input, no decision has been finalized yet. Prices for the venue will come from Albany and will not come out until Jan 1 2020.

Barbara states the Newsletter went out last week, Charlotte stated some members did not receive it including her. Maureen suggested people check their spam for things not found. Barbara will continue to check into it with the techs. Charlie Lawrence also said there was a problem with the registration on the web site, Barbara indicated she sat with Penny at the office in Cincinnati for 45 min discussing the problems. Barbara agreed and will check that also.

At this time there are at least 50 registered and more expected after the newsletter went out.

Mother’s day is next Sunday so all agreed the next meeting will be Monday May 13, 2019 at 7pm. using the same number.
Meeting Adjourned 8:00 pm

Anne Archambault
NEA Executive Board

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