Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: June 09, 2019

Northeast Area Minutes Date: June 9, 2019 Conference Call Time: 7:00pm

Barbara called the meeting to order at 6:58pm

Anne announces roll call:

Attending: Barbara Smith, Lou Snow, Charlotte Burrell, Charlie Lawerence, Patty Pritchard, John Poppe, Maureen Pellitier, Anne Archambault Absent: Tom Ziobrowski Invited Guest: Connie Poole

Anne asks if there are any objections to her recording the meeting, there were no objections.


Standing Rules
Rally Update
Questions for Tom and Lou
Secretary Report
Treasurer Report

Secretary Report

Anne asked if everyone received the latest corrected Minutes for the last 6 meetings. All affirmed they received them. Anne asked for a motion to accept them all, Barbara asked they are voted separately.

Barbara asked for a motion to accept the minutes of the April 25,2019 minutes. Charlie made a motion to accept the minutes, John 2nd All in favor, motion passed.

Barbara asked for a motion to accept the minutes of April 28, 2019, Charlotte made the motion to accept and Patty 2nd, all those in favor Motion passed.

Barbara asked for a motion to accept the minutes of May 5, 2019, Charlotte made the motion to accept the minutes, Charlie 2nd, All those in favor, Motion passed.

Barbara asked for a motion to accept the minutes of May 13, 2019, Patty made the motion to accept the minutes, Charlie 2nd, All those in favor, Motion passed.

Barbara asked for a motion to accept the minutes of May 19, 2019, Maureen made the motion to accept, Charlie 2nd, all those in favor, Motion passed.

Barbara asked for a motion to accept the minutes of May 26, 2019, Charlie made a motion to accept, Maureen 2nd all those in favor, Motion Passed.

Anne thanked everyone for their patients and input to get these taken care of.

Standing Rules

Maureen asked if everyone received a copy of the standing rules she sent out with all the changes. There was a concern that maybe we need more time to go over the changes, Barbara asked if we should postpone the discussion to have more time to go over it, it was determined we could go over the small changes and we could vote on it. Maureen explained some small changes concerning filling vacancies. Barbara explained how important it was to make the changes.

Maureen explained item # 4 That any vacant position, or positions filled temporarily by the Executive Board, from a slate of candidates provided by the nominating committee, recommended by the President and approved by the Board, will at the time of the Annual Meeting be filled for the remaining portion of the term of that position of the term of that position during the elections by the Association Board. Connie explained that is how the Bylaws read.

Maureen went on to explain another change in item 18 section A. It was decided at the Syracuse pre rally we would use the form FMCA uses for reimbursement, but as Maureen looked over the National reimbursement form she thought it would be too confusing. Instead she modified the form that the Northeast Area had used in the past. So section a reads All requests for reimbursement of the Executive Board travel and other expenses will be submitted to the President using the NEA, Travel and Miscellaneous Expense Report ( using approved amounts for mileage reimbursement and meals found in Procedure 2031 of the FMCA Member and Volunteer Handbook).

Barbara explained we have in the bylaws the wording “Up to 4 Vice President “ it was decided that those words should be included in Section 8.

Barbara asked for a typo correction in section 6 ( him/hers should be Him/Her )

Anne asked for clarification on the wording that the Audit Committee would serve a two year term. Charlie stated that Item 16 should read The Members of the Audit Committee will serve a consecutive two year term or until the next Audit Committee is elected.

There was discussion Barbara asked if everyone knew how many debit cards are there. There are 3 debit cards, Barbara has one with the ability to make a deposit as well as withdrawal, Patty has one just for deposits and Maureen has one for deposit and withdrawal. There is a $500.00 limit per day withdrawal. Maureen stated that her debit card would be used for petty cash for the rally.

Anne made a motion to accept the Standing rules with the changes, Charlie 2nd and all approved the motion Passed.


Maureen went over some line items for adjustment. Lou stated he was unable to open the latest budget so Maureen agreed to resend them and gave Lou her email address. Barbara asked be made for the area support money that we received from National . Maureen also explained the difference between the Rally Expenses VS Area Expenses.

Rally Update

Barbara discussed with the fairgrounds to use the Art and Home Building for seminars

Barbara thanked Charlotte and her husband Richard for getting a great deal for the golf carts. The order has been placed. Barbara also explained that anyone driving/receiving a golf cart must review a video before driving, this is a requirement. Barbara will send members of the board the link for the video.

Tables and Chairs, Barbara will check with the fairgrounds to see what is available and whether we can use them.

Charlotte reported on Rally Pins, they will be 1 1/4 inches , cost will be $1.00 each, she will try to order 650. Pins to be mailed to Barbara as Charlotte will be unavailable.

Barbara reported the contract for the rally should be signed this week and when it is the contract for entertainment should be signed also. There was discussion about the entertainment hotel accommodations, Lou explained that any performers should have to make their own arrangements and that should be reflected in their agreed price.

Blood drive report, Lou states he has not been able to get a call back, He is concerned it is because there was very little interest last time. Lou did suggest that the Red Cross is close by the fairgrounds, Patty was asked if she could go and talk to someone, Lou gave her the name he has as a contact

Security and Safety: Barbara stated the Welcome letter will have the captain names on it and that is being crafted soon. John stated he would get her the names by Monday morning.


Patty reports she has sent out 36 applications to vendors interested in having a booth, some even want to do one or two seminars.

Program Book:

T Roule is taking care of this, he asked if newsprint would be ok for the program book, it was unanimous no, keep the book like the last one. He also suggested the flyer be sent to all chapters with rates for ads asap. Tom also reminded he needed Pictures of the Board Members and their Spouse for the Program book.

Barbara stated we are allowed 2 eblasts 1. To announce the Block Party, Chapter Fair and Chapter ads. 2. To announce the Entertainment.


Barbara explained that the delay is because all area newsletters must be reviewed by FMCA.

Barbara announced the next meeting to be Sunday June 16, it was then suggested that was Father’s Day. Due to some discussion Barbara asked Anne to take a poll of members to decide on the next date for a meeting:

Lou – Monday Barbara- Monday Charlotte- Doesn’t care Charlie- Sunday Patty- Sunday Maureen- Sunday John- Sunday Anne – Monday Connie- Either day was good for her

It was decided to hold our next meeting on Monday June 17, 2019, the same number and time

Barbara asked Anne to get the list of questions that were discussed in Syracuse to Lou and Tom for their input at the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Lou and 2nd by Charlie

Meeting adjourned 8:02pm

Anne Archambault
NEA Executive Board

Approved 06/09/2019 – – Posted on 08/25/2019

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