Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: May 06, 2018

5/6/18 – 7:01 pm

  • T Ziobrowski
  • D Merlino
  • D Osterhout
  • J Traphagen
  • L Snow
  • J Sennett
  • H Soulia

Due to the absence of B Smith, President, L Snow, Sr. VP called the meeting to order.

D Merlino, Secretary announced that the meeting was being recorded and asked for any objections, no objections were heard.

D Merlino gave roll call, 7 Board Members in attendance; B Smith was unable to attend per an email received by the Secretary at 6:00 pm

J Traphagen made a motion we proceed in going to the Susquenango Labor Day Invitational Rally in Bainbridge NY for our NEA 2018 Annual Meeting as previously discussed in the meeting of 4/29/18. Dates for the Rally are Aug 31-Sept. 3; 2nd by T Ziobrowski – Motion carried with a voice vote by each board member.

*The board discussed scheduling a specific date for the meeting; D Osterhout stated that Sunday, Sept 2, would be the best date per the Rally schedule; although, it was suggested that we wait to finalize a date until input can be given from B Smith.

*D Osterhout asked if the board wanted to have any additional ads published in the FMC magazine for the meeting. Consensus was that an email notification would suffice.

Motion made by T Ziobrowski to adjourn the meeting; J Traphagen 2nd; meeting adjourned at 7:15
Donna Merlino
NEA Executive Board

Approved 05/06/2018 – – Posted on 06/01/2018

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