Donna Merlino (NEA Secretary) introduction

Dear Chapter Officers:

I am your FMCA Northeast Area Secretary, Donna Merlino.  I will be communicating with you on behalf of your Northeast Area (NEA) Executive Board.  We would like to keep you informed in regards to what is happening with your Area.  We would appreciate, and encourage you to share these emails/notices with your chapter members.  If you or anyone in your chapter has questions regarding any of these emails/notices please feel free to get in touch with me or any of the board members and we will do our best to assist you.  I have attached the NEA Executive Board Directory for your convenience.  You can reply to this email address ( or the address listed for me on the directory.  I am accepting emails at both.

I will be sending these notices to the President, National Director and Alternate National Director for each chapter.  If one or more of these officers are not receiving these emails it may be that the email address I have been given by the FMCA Home Office is incorrect.  Please let me know asap if an address needs to be changed or added to the list.  Some chapter officers did not have a name or email listed for National Director of Alternate but everyone has a President with an email.  Therefore, each chapter should receive at least one copy of these emails.

You will be receiving several emails over the next few weeks so please be aware of the return address and add this to your contact list.  This first email is meant to introduce myself and relay contact information for your NEA Executive Board for those of you that may not have that info.

The NEA Board would like to thank you for being an officer for your chapter and any other chapter you may be involved with.  You, your fellow officers and members are what makes this Area great.  So thank you for what you do and we hope to meet each of you at the 2015 NEA Rally “Summertime Fun at the Junction”, July 8-12, 2015 to be held at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction VT.  I have included a Rally Registration Form for you convenience.  We have a great event planned and would love to see each Chapter represented.

Please be on the lookout for further information regarding the 2015 NEA Rally via this email address.

Until then……

Safe travels

Donna Merlino, Secretary o/b/o the NEA Executive Board

Charlie Adcock would like to visit your chaper

To all Northeast Area Chapters,

Charlie Adcock would like to visit some Chapter Rally’s before he attends the Northeast Area Rally.  If you are interested in Charlie attending he will be available from June 22 until July 17th.  Please Let Tom Ziobrowski know at or 513-543-7421.

Thank you,

Kathianne Taylor

Secretary Northeast Area


News from Tom Ziobrowski at the Boston RV Show

January 20th

We are at the Boston RV show, huge turnout. So, many FMCA membership requests, I ran out of

Connie and Tom (click to view full screen)

applications. Over 150 flyers of ours we picked up with questions. Diamond RV is a go big time, they are now a Newmar dealer, coming with towable a also,

He wanted to give me a $500 sponsorship now, but advised him to wait to we get closer. Also, Newmar will be making a sponsorship cash donation, a coupon code – which I will send to all for northeast area to collect $200 per unit sold between now and the rally.  This will help cut are entertainment cost,  hopefully. We picked up Camping USA as vendor, and we plan on a Clear Channel TV ad, and received some door prizes for us, lots of questions,

Thank you John from Hudson Islanders for you help. This is what we need, and Tom & Anne – you two are big help.

Today is the last day of the show here so we should get home around midnight as it closes at 6:00.

Tom Ziobrowski