Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: August 12, 2019

Date: August 12, 2019 Conference Call: 515-606-5845, 907272# Time: 7pm

Barbara called the meeting to order at 7pm.> She asked Anne to proceeds with Roll Call


Barbara Smith, Lou Snow, Charlie Lawerence, Patty Pritchard, Charlotte Burrell, John Poppe, Maureen Pellitier, Anne Archambault, Tom Ziobrowski Invited Guest: Connie Poole

Barbara asks Anne to continue with Secretary Report:

Anne asks if everyone received the minutes for June 30, 2019 for review, everyone responds yes. Maureen makes a motion to accept the minutes of June 30, 2019, Lou seconds; Anne asks if there are any corrections. Anne does ask John Poppe if he attended the meeting and he responds no, so Anne states she will include him under Absent. No other corrections were made, Barbara asks for a vote, Maureen made a motion to accept the minutes of June 30 with the correction, Lou second, and Minutes of June 30, 2019 passes unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

Maureen stated she has received a bill from the fairgrounds and has some confusion as to the coach count, Maureen states she will be in touch with the fairgrounds to work out the confusion. Lou asks if any vendors that stated they would come but did not, asked for a refund, Maureen stated not yet. Barbara stated the sound guy was very helpful for the seminar rooms and she saved money with him.

Rally updates:

Patty reported all 21 vendors were very happy, there was no negative feedback.
Boogie Lites was a no show and Custom Classworks cancelled. There were 2 companies washing coaches. Dealers: Barbara asked both Burdick and Colton if they would make a donation of $100.00 per coach sold to help with expenses.

Charlie reported his team parked 194 Coaches without any accidents.

John reported there were 3 incident reports:
One lady got light headed
One man’s hand was purple, Patty kept checking on him.
One lady had an elevated blood pressure and an ambulance was called and she went to the hospital.

Maureen talked about the need to add seminars and putting it in the newsletter and expressed concern that the newsletter was not read by the participants. Newsletters were always available at the information booth daily as well as at the morning donuts and coffee. All information was with Leo early so he could have it printed up for the next day.

Barbara reported her daily meetings with the fairgrounds were very productive. The electrician was very helpful and he charged accordingly. Barbara reported if we had used 3 rooms in another building it would have cost us $1000.00 per day so using the VIP room was successful. Barbara also reported there are 2 tables and 4 chairs missing from the fairground, if we don’t find them we will be charged for them. Barbara also reported that her final Northeast Area Newsletter will go out on Friday this week.

Barbara reported the fairground is averaging the cost per night on 200 coaches at $20.00 per night. She also reported the fairground staff worked well.

There was discussion about not allowing food in the Expo Center. Therefore the hot dogs and ice cream socials were held outside. Money was donated for the Hot Dogs and Ice Cream by Colton RV.

Barbara reported a Captains Meeting was held and John Traphanger attended and took notes.

Convention Committee Update:

Barbara reported that Syracuse does not have a signed contract for National 2020 Convention so a backup Center is in place at Sedalia, Missouri. Barbara said the Convention Committee may have to bring that up to the Governing Board for approval according to Jon Walker.

Barbara reported she attended a caucus and there will be major proposals because the First Assist raised the rates by 70%. Some ideas include: Raise the dues $25.00, drop the assist or suspend it, or have a separate budget for the assist.

Other discussion at the caucus was about the number of coaches needed to maintain Chapter status or Associate status.

Area VP’s have funds available to visit chapters that are in trouble or Chapters that are celebrating Anniversaries.

Barbara reports she understands that 3 vendors already have contracts for the 2020 National Convention. The Convention Committee will vote on Wednesday, pricing for Syracuse will not be available until Jan. 2020 because that is when the budget will be available from Albany.

Goals for Northeast Area

Review By-Laws, some suggestions were made while we were going through the Standing Rules

Making a succession plan, there is a concern as to seeking and mentoring people to succeed those in office now. It was suggested that someone write a policy on that and Patty volunteered to do that.

Barbara said we have Vendor Bucks that we chose not to use because of the expense and some unexpected costs.

Maureen reported that 5 Chapters received $50.00 per chapter for the Block Party. Each Chapter needed to have 10 coaches to qualify for the Block Party funds.

Anne reported 9 Chapters participated in the Chapter Fair.

National Updates:

The governing board has some serious budget items to vote on.
There is $285,000.00 cost for a software upgrade for the 2020 budget.
There is also a $6000.00 per month cost for support that will be part of the operating expenses.
Barbara discussed problems we had because we were unable to process credit cards at the rally.
Dan Ball from the National Office helped to process the credit card at the FMCA store.
Barbara stated it is our responsibility to work on a Theme for the 2020 Convention.

Patty made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Charlie 2nd and the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm

Anne Archambault
NEA Executive Board

Approved 00/00/2019 – – Posted on 09/12/2019