Northeast Motorhome Association Minutes: March 25, 2018

3/25/2018 – 7:00 p.m.


  • Barbara Smith
  • Lou Snow
  • Donna Merlino
  • Jim Sennett
  • Donald Osterhout
  • Harley Soulia
  • Tom Ziobrowski
  • John Traphagen



Thank you to Nominating committee for their work on the process.

Thank you to the By-Laws Committee.

Allo Quebec Gathering

Allo Quebec is having a large gathering in September and has invited all to attend. Barbara did not have the exact date available.
2019 Rally Discussion

Tom: Update on Syracuse Fairgrounds – had a conversation with Gary. Campgrounds will be expanding. New Convention Center will be available by 2019. Gary will be unable to give us any commitments regarding costs due to NYS Budgets are not finalized as of yet. Lou: Unable to obtain costs on the new building until after construction has completed or budget is in place.

Date Acceptance:

July 25-28, 2019 for Syracuse were approved for placement on the FMCA National Calendar. Lou thought these dates were not accepted. No communication from our President in 100 days. Barbara addressed the 100 days in Exec. Session.

Board went into Exec. Session at 7:11 p.m. Exec. Session ended at 7:30 p.m.

Donna asked for discussion regarding a reassurance of the Syracuse dates. Tom explained that we can ask for a waiver if our dates coincide with the National convention. John feels we need to just proceed and hope that we don’t lose our dates through national. Gary & Tom will work out a date for a deposit. Question was asked as to when we need to send our first deposit to Syracuse. Jim Sennett informed the board that no deposit monies were made to NYS Fairgrounds until June, 2017 (2 months before Rally started).

By-Laws Committee

Tom read from a report sent to the Board from Barbara regarding progress by the by-laws committee as to what the committee has discussed thus far. They had a discussion in regards to notification to Secretary regarding changes to alternates, and the possibility of changing the 24 hour time frame. The committee decided to continue with the 24 hour notice in regards to different alternates for voting purposes at the Annual Meeting. They will also continue their discussion regarding the process of how to replace a vacancy of the Executive Board if someone resigns.

Nominating committee

Resumes have been coming in. We need certification for voting once ballots are received. We need a witness for opening of ballots. Tom or John will make themselves available for this. Barbara needs to decide as to how long we keep the ballots.

Audit Committee

If and when we have an Annual Meeting this year we need to ask for specific members to attend the annual meeting to conduct the Audit. We will need to find those members before the meeting and invite them accordingly.

Annual Meeting Discussion

Barbara stated that the NY Centrals are having an event Aug. 17 – if convenient to the Board and a chance of having a quorum we have an annual meeting at that time. Jim suggested we send an email out to the chapters and ask their opinion. Board members had a lengthy discussion regarding what this email would say. Donna made a motion to send an email to all Board of Directors asking their opinion as to whether they would attend an annual meeting. We give specific dates and locations for them to choose from and return by a specific date. – Lou 2nd; Barbara amended previous motion –include NYS Fairgrounds as a choice; Jim 2nd to amendment. Motion carried to include amendments. Barbara will prepare an email and send to the Board for review before sending.

National in Perry GA – Update

Barbara and Don: 30 towables in attendance; only one complaint that they no of; Don had a large parking volunteer contingency, the majority of which were first timers;

May Meeting

John T. made a motion that we not have a Board meeting in May; Lou 2nd; amended by Donna to read that we have a “Rally Work Meeting” in June at B&D Pool & Spa in place of the May meeting; amendment 2nd by Don Osterhout; No discussion; Motion carried with amendment.

Donna – motion to adjourn; 2nd by Lou Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
Donna Merlino
NEA Executive Board

Approved 03/25/2018 – – Posted on 03/25/2018