Vote Results – Towables


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>Hello Committee Members:

I wanted to make everyone aware that the vote passed. It mirrored the Governing Board vote. Approximately 70% of members were in favor, and we received a little under 10,000 votes total.


The first step is for FMCA’s attorney, Scott Gilligan, to file changes with the state of Ohio to change our Articles of Incorporation. He expects that to go into effect sometime next week.


We had originally planned to make the announcement on December 8. That is a Friday, so I think it would be in our best interest to make the grand announcement on the 11th. We will do a press release, social media posts and a detailed email to membership.

Today, per the bylaws rule that membership must be informed right away, we will send a brief email to all members.


The next big push will be paid advertising through Google and Facebook. This will not occur until we finish the new website, which is expected to be done on December 20. We want to put our best foot forward by directing potential members to a new, user-friendly website.


This is a big, yet exciting, change for FMCA. We are ready to welcome all RVs to the family, and at the same time keep serving our current motorhome members.


If you have any questions or suggestions, I am all ears. Call or e-mail me your thoughts.

Thank you,

Chris Smith

Chris Smith
Executive Director/CFO