June 1st

June 1st is an important date:

  • NEAR deadline is June 1st if you want to receive your credentials other than “WILL CALL”.
  • IF you register for the International after June 1st, the registration fee increases by $20.

Do it by email !

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NEA “Summertime Fun At the Junction” Rally Information

Hello Chapters:


I hope that everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend.


This a “rally reminder” for a few things in regards to the upcoming NEA Rally “Summertime Fun At The Junction”.  I’m assuming that most chapters have had their first rally/business meeting for the year and you have shared these emails with your members.


We encourage everyone to submit their registrations early so you can get signed up for the various activities we have planned for you.  We don’t want anyone to miss out.


Don’t forget to get your AD copy in right away for the Program Book.  We really appreciate your support and if your chapter can’t attend this is a great way to support the rally if you can’t be there.  Those ADs need to go to Bob Mills (  fourwindsbob@gmail.com) .  Just remember that the deadline is fast approaching (May 31).  Bob can answer any of your questions regarding the Program Book. 613-525-9970.


If you are attending, we would appreciate any and all donations for the US Marine’s Toys for Tots, and we are excepting new stuffed animals again this year for the local emergency corps in the area.  We will be dividing those up between a couple of different organizations in the area.  There will be donation boxes for both items located in the Main Building on the grounds.


Joan Lewis is still looking for craft seminars/classes, so if you have a skill or craft you would like to share with everyone please get in touch with Joan ASAP.  518-399-7072.  George Lewis would like to be notified in advance of any caravans attending the rally so that he can plan his parking layout accordingly.  Having this info before the rally makes parking flow much quicker for everyone.  After all, we want to get you parked and on the grounds so you can start having fun and meeting up with all of your motor home friends as soon as possible. You can reach George at the same number.


I can’t stress enough how much we appreciate all of our volunteers that help make this rally possible.  If you would like to help out get in touch with any of our board members and we will forward your inquiry onto the Volunteer Captain for that specific area.  If you would like a listing of the Volunteer Captains for the various teams please let me know or any of the board members and we will get a list out to you ASAP.


Thank you for sharing this with your chapter members and as always we are here to answer any of your questions or concerns so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us.  I have included another copy of the Officers List in case you did not receive one in the earlier emails.


Safe Travels,


Donna Merlino

FMCA NEA Secretary

o/b/o NEA Executive Board