More News From Redmond

Roxie Marston from Frustrated Maestros report the following results from the International in Redmond:



I inquired from a Maestro at Redmond…and Syracuse was approved, 2016!!  Yeah!  Chas will not do NEAR 15 as we are doing GLAMA, early in June and the Madison. These were approved by the GB Redmond:


2016 Winter @ Perry

2016 summer @Syracuse, NY

2017 winter @ Pamona

Yes, they were approved.  Some changes might take place, especially the National Directors asked that an alternative to Pomona be considered.


Tom Ziobrowski news from Redmond, OR

We got the following from Tom Z in Redmond. There may be more.

This international rally has opened my eyes so much more than in the past of 
others, it has my mind flying. What an experience this has been already.

It is now official, at our meeting today the executive board voted unanimously
to except our 2015 rally dates.

I have included a copy to Tom Oddy so he can put us in his schedule, board will
go in on Sunday as usual, Monday is open things up & approved essential staff
can come in, Tuesday volunteers, vendors, dealers move in unless other
arrangement have been made and approved, Wednesday is move in day for attendees,
and Sunday is move out day.



New England RV Dealers show

A summer RV show is being scheduled at Six Flags, New England in western Massachusetts. Dates are August 21-24, 2014.

There is a web site with more information about the show. To learn more click on the link below.

Other information may be obtained from:

Bob Zagami

Executive Director

New England RV Dealers Association

41 Deer Path

Hudson, MA 01749