Can you you help, please?


I am still looking for 1 person for the AUDIT committee, and 1 person for the NOMINATING committee.

We could use help with Joe Staruck & Bruce Scofield on security.

We need a Safety Director & Staff.

If you are also interested in being a volunteer at large and working with Cindy Smith, send me your info and I will forward it on to her.

Come on Northeast, I know the support is out there within all our chapters, the Rally is really looking super, wait till you see the new entertainment, wow, your rally master Lou Snow has a few great events for you.

So step up and volunteer even if it only for a few hours, it would be greatly appreciated. Show National that the Northeast Area has what it takes and let’s pull together for a FUN time.

As the funny man says, GET ER DONE !

Tom Z
Your NEA President